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Precedent Phenomena in Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”

Київ: "Аграр Медіа Груп"
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  • Перекладознавство
  • Linguistics


This paper aims to look at the main types of precedent phenomena appearing in Stephen King’s “The Drawing of the Three” (a novel from “The Dark Tower” series) and their representation in the Ukrainian translation by O. Liubenko. The term “precedent text” was introduced by Yu.N. Karaulov in his talk “The role of precedent texts in the structure and functioning of a language identity” at the 6th International Congress of the Russian Language and Literature Teachers in 1986. According to V.V. Krasnykh, precedent phenomena have the following distinctive features: 1) they are well known in the given linguistic-cultural community, i.e. all its representatives are aware of them; 2) they are connected with the cognitive sphere, i.e. every precedent phenomenon has a mental image associated with it which makes its use in speech understandable and connotatively coloured; 3) precedent phenomena are frequently used in speech

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