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Studies on the Symphylid Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands

Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society
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Vol. XVII, No. 3, August, 1961 443 Studies on the Symphylid Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands Ulf Scheller LUNDSBERG, SWEDEN {Submitted for publication December, I960) Introduction This paper is an attempt to summarize the knowledge of the Hawaiian Symphyla (Myriapoda). It is based on taxonomic studies of preserved symphylid material and all published information on the Symphyla of Hawaii. During the last decade several zoologists have published observations on symphylids damaging growing crops. From Hawaii, too, there are many reports and notes on their injury, especially in the pineapple fields. While primary emphasis has been placed on the economic importance and control, taxonomic study has received secondary attention. Under these circumstances, it was a pleasure for me to accept an offer from Mr. K. Sakimura, Entomologist at the Pineapple Research Institute of Hawaii, Honolulu, to investigate the symphylid fauna of Hawaii from the basis of a collection brought together by him. As seen below, there are samples from all the large islands of the archipelago except Hawaii. All the samples were collected from pineapple fields, except one which was from a permanent pasture at 4,000 feet a.s. on the Island of Maui. The Symphyla consists of two families: the Scutigerellidae, with rather large and swift centipede-like representatives (Fig. la), and the Scolopendrellidae which are smaller slow-moving animals (Fig. lb). The collection studied con tained a total of 173 specimens, including representatives of both families. The type specimens of the new taxa erected below have been deposited in the collection of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum of Honolulu, and some paratype specimens in the U.S. National collection, Washington, D. C. Taxonomy Fam. Scolopendrellidae Genus Symphylellopsis Ribaut, 1931 Symphylellopsis subnuda (Hansen) Scolopendrellapygmaea Silvestri 1902. In Berlese, Acari, Myriopoda et Scorp- IONES HUQUSQUE IN ITALIA REPERTA. PADOVA. Scolopendrella subnuda Hansen 1903. Quart. J. Micr.

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