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Comparison of the Hebrew writings and Bible (Genesis 37 - 42) with Quranic Sura Yusuf as example for cultural adaption : a study of a cross-cultural differentiation process of textual and oral traditions for religious writings under the historical conditions of Middle East societies

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http://www ___________________________________________________________________________ Journal of Religious Culture Journal für Religionskultur Ed. by / Hrsg. von Edmund Weber in Association with / in Zusammenarbeit mit Matthias Benad Institute for Irenics / Institut für Wissenschaftliche Irenik Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main ISSN 1434-5935 - © E.Weber – E-mail: [email protected] ___________________________________________________________________________ No. 105 (2008) Comparison of the Hebrew Writings and Bible (Genesis 37-42) with Quranic Sura Yusuf as Example for Cultural Adaption. A Study of a Cross-Cultural Differentiation Process of Textual and Oral Traditions for Religious Writings Under the Historical Conditions of Middle East Societies By Fee-Alexandra Haase The text corpus we are interested in, the Quranic Sura Yusuf, is one of the various traditions of the story of Joseph narrated in legends and in the three books Torah, Bible, and Quran. While narrative parts of the story of Joseph in the Bible and Genesis/Hebrew writings and the Quran show similarities as a narrative without any dogmatic impact expressis verbis, we find in the Quran especially in the beginning section and the closing section of the Sura Yusuf additional text parts of this character. These parts are non-narrative and from the perspective of their function they have missionary aims glorifying the Quran and the religion Islam. While the Bible and Torah continue the narrative of Joseph with his second journey to Egypt, the Quran closes the narrative of Joseph after the first story. What we compare is the Christian Bible (Genesis 37-42) and Torah vs the Quranic Sura Yusuf. In the Old Testament the story of Joseph is told in the verses 37-50 of Genesis. The Hebrew Bible contains the narrative of Joseph starting with Genesis 30:24 and the birth of Joseph and ending in Genesis 50

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