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Time Use Dynamics in Paid Work and Household Activities of Married Women - A Panel Analysis with Household Information and Regional Labour Demand

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  • D13 - Household Production And Intrahousehold Allocation
  • J22 - Time Allocation And Labor Supply
  • J16 - Economics Of Gender
  • Non-Labor Discrimination
  • J20 - General
  • J23 - Labor Demand
  • Economics


The dynamics of multiple time use in paid work and in household activities with housework, child rearing and DIY of married women are analyzed with a two step procedure: the estimation of the participation decision in intertemporal labor force participation strategies (entering, leaving the labor market, permanently employed and not employed) by a multinomial logit approach is followed by a selectivity bias corrected simultaneous hours equations systems (C3SLS) estimation of the determinants of hours supplied in multiple time use activities. Microdata base is the German Socio-Economic Panel with four waves (1984-1987), where information of the household - including the husband's employment situation - is merged with regional economic and local labour demand indicators.

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