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(A)Study of representative type and dress form of men`s lower body in forties by using 3-dimensional scan data

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  • 하반신 체형분류
  • Classification Of Lower Body Type
  • 하반신 대표체형
  • Representative Type Of Men`S Lower Body
  • 모핑(Morphing)
  • Morphing
  • 단면분석
  • Analysis Of Cross Sections
  • Rp(Rapid Prototyping)
  • 의복생산용 바디
  • Dress Form
  • Design


Men's body type changes a lot in their forties. This study was performed to suggest a representative type of men's lower body in 40s by 3-dimensional method and develope a dress form. Development of a dress form reflecting representative body type will enhance the fitness of ready-made clothes and contribute to clothing design and manufacture. This study was proceeded in 3 steps. The procedure and results are as follows: 1. Lower body types were categorized by using height, hip girth and lower drop(hip girth-navel girth) which are main factors of lower body shape. Then each factor was divided into 3 groups respectively, 30% in the middle, over 30% in the middle, under 30% in the middle. Consequently, lower body type was classified into 27 groups. 2. In 27 groups, the group which belonged to 30% in the middle of height(1667~1709mm), 30% in the middle of hip girth(945~983mm), 30% in the middle of lower drop(66~98mm) was selected as a representative group. Then we created a representative type of men's lower body by morphing a representative group and analyzed it's horizontal, vertical sections. Comparing averages of measurements of a representative group with those of whole groups, there was no significant difference in all items within 95% confidence intervals. It showed a representative group could represent whole groups. A representative type which was created by morphing reflected a real body 3-dimensionally and changed realistically in hip, crotch, calf muscle and so on. Also, cross sections of a representative type were similar to average cross sections of representative group in size and shape. So it was proved that morphing was successful. 3. Using a representative type, a RP(Rapid Prototyping) product and a dress form were developed. Comparing measurements of a RP product and a dress form with a representative type, a RP product was similar to a representative type except thigh girth and a dress form showed differences on

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