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Recursos culturales en línea: Búsqueda de información sobre museos de España, Francia, Italia, Alemania y Reino Unido

Sección Científica de Ciencias de la Documentación, Departamento de Periodismo y de Comunicación Audiovisual, Universidad Pompeu Fabra
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  • Gh. Education.
  • Id. Knowledge Representation.
  • Kb. Library
  • Archive And Museum Buildings.
  • Ig. Information Presentation: Hypertext
  • Hypermedia.
  • Bg. Information Dissemination And Diffusion.
  • Ik. Design
  • Development
  • Implementation And Maintenance
  • Fb. Marketing.
  • Ga. Information Industry.
  • Gd. Organizations.


Which are the best ways to promote heritage? Of course, mass media, travel agencies, tourism offices, embassies,... but specially the Internet. The Internet attracts potential tourists looking for cultural information, but it is accessible to everyone. Are public resources in web sites of high quality? Do web sites give good information about museums?

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