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Revision of the multiannual programme of the J.R.C. and proposal of new activities for the Petten Establishment. COM (74) 500 final Annexes, March 1974

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES DRAFT REVISION OF THE MULTIANNUAL PROGRAMME OF THE J.R.C. and PROPOSAL OF NEW ACTIVTTIES FOR THE PETTEN ESTABLISHMENT MARCH 1974 coM(?4) :oo rinat AJVNEXES cou(la) 5oo final ANNE]GS User Rectangle User Rectangle CONTENTS Page Note for the Attention of the Members of the Commission I ANNEX I ANNEX II ANNEX III ANNEX IV ANNEX V ANNEX VI ANNEX VII ANNEX VIII ANNEX IX ANNEX X ANNEX XI ANNEX XII ANNEX XIII ANNEX Xlll-bis ANNEX XIV Council Decision of 14 May and 1B June 1973 Revision of the Safety Programme 31 Revision of the Hydrogen Production Programme 37 Revision of the Remote Sensing Programme 41 Revision of the "New Technologies" Programme . . 45 The Fusion Reactors Programme 53 Training and Education 59 Revision of the lspra-1 Reactor Programme 65 Revision of the Waste Disposal Programme 73 New Activities of the Petten Establishment . . . 77 Summary Table of Proposals for Changes by Objective . . . . . . . 89 Total Proposed Resources in Personnel and Appropriations . . . . 93 lspra Establishment - Detailed Breakdown of Staff by Objective (Total Staff = 12011 101 lspra Establishment - Detailed Breakdown of Staff by Objective (Total Staff :'11711' 105 Other Establishments - Detailed Breakdown of Staff 109 lspra,30 January 1974 NOTE FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE I\4EMBERS OF THE COMtt^ISSION The programme of the JRC for the period 1973-76 was adopted by the Council of Ministers on l4 May (the part known as ListA)and lSJune (List B) 1973. Thecorresponding texts, as published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, are attached to this note (Annex ll. ln these texts, it is laid down, inter alia, that all the programmeswill be subject to review at the beginning of the second year, that is at the beginning of 1974. ln addition, the Council of Ministers was unableat its meeting on 5 February l973to approve the Commission proponl to close down the Petten establishment and

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