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Letter from Alfred J. Weil to Joshua Lederberg

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Fsbruary 17, 1950. Dr. A. J. M.l, BrotucHosp%i& I&?? xork 56, N.P. Thank you for the last ba#toh of cultures, ti for your uoments. Unfortunately, none of ,the cultures persfited in giving variegated selections, and I must ~galn presume that the colonies from which they were pirrkrd :mr&y startad iron two suparimposed oells* I emlose a p&t of a platine; of a heteroeygous diploid K-12 UQ EMB la&ma which again lU.dstrates what I hope to get. If the aenter of any of the mzo& ~~oaic colwica 3hom were +,o be picked and replated it would give about U-m azm plctum n&,n. It is a simple matter for me to ohmk any of the cultures you are kind enough tossnd, and if you cc*r do so without undue Uurden, I would appretsiata your oontinulag to semi any likely prospects, and I will verUy than. I would, however prefm hot to work nith spreading or stwoid types. However, please do not exert apourself -duly in aele&Ang possibly useful cultures. Slmrrrely ymra, _. . Joshua Lederberg

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