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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Aaron Novick

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January 20, 1950. Dear Aaron: Thanka for the "adanineless" K-12. In my hands, it responds prQqtly to hypoxanthine, with some delay to adcnine and guanine, and not at al.1 to xanthfne, so tha$ I would classify it as a hypoxanthine-less mutant. If you ever want it back, I have it stored as 7-12'78. I assume that Hogness informed you and Sailard M after receiving my letter that I intended to stay here at Maconsin. I debated whether to writa to you as well, but took it for granted that Hogneaa would tell you about it. It was a very attractive proposal to turn do:n, but nw>stly it was a question of timing. I'm just feeling my way round here, and prospects look moderately good, although not without some limitations. Before giving up what I've started here, I'd want to have to convfnce myself that, in the long run, Xisconain was not going to come through aa well as, for example, Chicago, and of this I am still 5~1 considerable doubt. The Institute offered a couple of years headatart in facilities and personal advancement, but this had to be balanced against the dislocation of moving, both to w and to students, to some&at less desirable living conditions, and especially the loss of the very broad basis of teaching and research in biological acienoea vihich I think Wisconsin excels in. In twomr three years, I am going to have a much clearer picture of &my future here, and now, after having gone through all thfa deliberation, I canssee that that will be a much better time to consider moving-- if anyone &ll be interested by that time, I WI sorry not to be wo& closer to you, but I suppose ~5th the phage conferences, we see each other almost as often as xe would if we worl,ied on different flhors of the grand new institute. The experimenta on W on diploidis <are giving rather per;laxing resulta-- no indication of recessive lethals [f.e., diploida to which complete medium will look jlrst as *minimal does no19], but rather an apparent direct effect on the su

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