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The Impact of Trade Mark on Brand Duplication in Bangladesh: An Emphirical Analysis

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
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  • Design
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The purpose of the study is to find out the reasons for nature of brand duplication, the reasons behind retailers perceptions and customers’ lack of awareness for duplicated brand. Brand duplication creates visual illusion among the consumers in the ground of original one. The spelling of the brand name, its shape, design, colour, trade mark, etc. are copied so tactfully that if a consumer is inattentive he will commit mistake in justifying the imitated one against the original one and the original manufacturers will lose their customer.180 retailers were interviewed from Chittagong City of Bangladesh to find out the nature of Adulteration and some of the legislations and functions of the DPDT were analyzed. Some recommendations (e.g., developing awareness among customers, proving support to the researcher ,involving different Government agencies etc.) are given to overcome those problems by both manufacturers and to the customers. Key word: Brand duplications, trade mark, DTT, patent

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