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Pelvic types as seen in a tropical setting

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Background: Cephalo pelvic disproportion is still the leading indication for caesarean section in many developing countries and the contribution of pelvic typology may play some role in this regard. Our objective is to determine the proportion of pelvic types as seen in a tropical setting. Method: A retrospective review of preliminary films of hysterosalpingography of 400 women who underwent the study between January 2000 and December 2007 was reviewed to determine the pelvic typology. Result: Of the 400 films reviewed, 361(90.3%) were gynaecoid, 36 (9%) were android and 3 (0.8%) were andropoid. There was no platypelloid pelvis seen in the films reviewed and a mixed type pattern was not observed in this study. Conclusion: The proportion of pure gynaecoid pelvis seen in this review is about the highest reported in the literature.KeyWords: Pelvic type, preliminary film

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