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Enumeration of Bacterial Cell Numbers and Detection of Significant Bacteriuria by Use of a New Flow Cytometry-Based Device

Journal of Clinical Microbiology
American Society for Microbiology
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DOI: 10.1128/jcm.02543-05
  • Bacteriology


A new, automated flow cytometry-based urine bacterium analyzer (UBA) was developed. We assessed the UBA for linearity of measurement, reproducibility of results, carryover rate, and correlation of measured results with those determined by urine culture. We also evaluated its ability to screen urine samples for significant bacteriuria. The UBA showed excellent linearity and a minor carryover rate. Results from the UBA were highly reproducible, and in between-run precision assays, the coefficients of variation for the UBA results were smaller than those for the urine culture results. Two hundred seventy-three urine specimens from patients attending the outpatient clinics of two university-based hospitals were examined. The results for the UBA were compared with those for urine culture. The UBA detected significant bacteriuria with a sensitivity of 96.6%, a specificity of 79.9%, a positive predictive value of 57.0%, a negative predictive value of 98.8%, a false-positive rate of 15.8%, a false-negative rate of 0.7%, and an accuracy of 83.5%. These results were comparable to or better than those obtained with previously reported screening procedures. The UBA can perform accurate enumeration of bacterial cells automatically in 90 seconds and can be used for the screening of significant bacteriuria.

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