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Page 6, 1970

Electronic version created 2012, Florida Atlantic University Digital Library.
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  • Florida Atlantic University-- History
  • Florida Atlantic University -- Students


Page 6 of the photo book; Typed in capital letters and centered along the top of the page is "BOOKSTORE;" Typed underneath is "The University Bookstore, due to limited space, often takes on a cluttered appearance;" Attached to the page with tape are two 3 1/2"X5" color photographs; The top photograph shows a woman working at a counter; behind her is a long counter with signs and office items on it like tape dispensers, three hole punches, and an adding machine along with other items; Against the wall is another counter with signs, books, and paper work on it; Filing cabinets are also against the back wall; The photograph shows boxes of text books and a man looking at paper work; Behind him on the counter is a manual typewriter; October 1970.Physical Description: 8 1/2"X11" Bond Paper with two attached 3 1/2"X5" Color Photographs

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