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Theme and structure in Housman's A Shropshire lad

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Theme and structure in Housman's A Shropshire lad THEME AND STRUCTURE IN HOUSMAN'S A SHROPSHIRE LAD By BOBBY JOE LEGGETT A DISSERTATION PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATE COUNQL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA June, 1%5 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA ill 3 1262 08552 5359 PREFACE A purely critical approach to the study of the poetry of A. E. Housman Is justified by the fact that although much has been written about him since 193b, the year of his death, very little sound criticism of his poetry Is available and nothiny Oi' a comprehensive nature. I have, therefore, undertaken a critical analysis of the work on which Housman' s reputation as a poet rests, emphasizing primarily its unity of theme and structure. After discussing in Chapter I the r&lationship between this ap- proach to Housman's poetry and other existing critical views, I have in Chapters 11 and 111 dealt with the predominant theme of A Shropshire Lad and one significant variation of that theme. Chapter IV constitutes an analysis of the structure of the work, and Chapter V states the conclu- sions to oe drawn from this examination. Some repetition may be observed in the study, especially in Chap- ter IV. This repetition is justifiable only by the fact that 5 wi sited to examine the relationship between the sixty-three poems of A Shropshire tad from both a thematic and structural standpoint and therefore found it necessary to analyze the same poems from two different points of view. The distinction between theme and structure may also be objected to since it is an artificial one. In actuality theme and structure In poetry are ' much more difficult, perhaps Impossible, to separate than I have made them appear. Yet such arbitrary distinctions are useful and even neces- sary for critical analysis. 11 I wish to thank Or. Alton C. Morris for his valuable assistance in the

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