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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Layout 1 the reader. The major strength of this book lies in its comprehensive review of the liter- ature. This allows the reader to contextualize the vast body of work that has been written about stroke; that is no easy task. A forward-looking conclusion wraps up the theme that ties together most chapters: Research on stroke management is very ac- tive, and changes are occurring rapidly. Fu- ture editions of this book ideally will keep pace, allowing this to evolve as the hand- book and reference for clinicians charged with the care of stroke patients. Overall, the book is a well-assembled summary of cur- rent research on this highly prevalent topic. Anthony Marfeo, MS4 Yale School of Medicine Sexually Transmitted Diseases. By King K. Holmes, P. Frederick Sparling, Walter E. Stamm, Peter Piot, Judith N. Wasserheit, Lawrence Corey, Myron S. Cohen, and D. Heather Watts. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies; 2007. 2,192 pp. US $259 Hardcover. ISBN: 978-0071417488. The fourth edition of Sexually Transmit- ted Diseases is a comprehensive 108-chapter book that reviews themajor and lesser-known causative agents of sexually transmitted dis- eases (STDs). Topic areas include the epi- demiology, pathobiology, pathogenesis, clinical diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of STDs. This edition has been significantly up- dated from the 1999 edition with current in- fectious disease research and is now printed in full color. Previous chapters have been ex- panded and several new chapters have been added that cover topics such as drug use and STDs, cervical cancer and STDs, pregnancy and bacterial STDs, STD vaccines, and more. The chapters are written by experts in their relative fields as demonstrated by the detailed nature of the material. In particular, sections pertaining to HIV have been expanded to include recent re- search findings, current clinical manage- ment of HIV infection, and the development of HIV vaccines. The authors have included an addendum with recent information per- taining to

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