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The Analysis of Secondhand Smoke Effect at House on Women toward Hypertension

Jurnal Berkala Epidemiologi
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ABSTRACTHypertension is a major risk factor of cardiovascular diseases and lead to 20–50% of all deaths. Smoking is one of risk factors for hypertension. Smoking is not only affects the smoker but also the people around them as passive smoker because the toxins components found in mainstream cigarette smoke were also found in environmental tobacco smoke, sometimes in higher concentrations. The purpose of this study was analyzing the effect of secondhand smoke at house on women toward hypertension. The design of the study was case control. The study was conducted at the Health Center Mulyorejo Surabaya. The case populations was all female patients who have hypertension and the control populations was all female patients who did not have hypertension. The numbers of sample were 84 respondents. The sampling technique in this study used systematic random sampling. The dependent variabel was hypertension and the independent variables of this study were the respondents characteristics, passive smoker status, family relationship, the type of cigarette, the number of smoker, the duration of smoke exposure, the number of cigarette consumptions, smoking location, and passive smoker reaction were analyzed by simple logistic regression. The results of this study showed age > 40 years old (CI 95%: 1.723–14.256; OR = 4.96) and higher education (CI 95%: 0.309–0.807; OR = 0.50) significantly affect the hypertension. Variables of secondhand smoke exposure at house on women had no affects to hypertension. The value of Population Attribute Risk (PAR) from this study was 0.27 which means 27% hypertension can be prevented by eliminating the risk factor of passive smoker. The conclusion of this study found no effect of exposure to secondhand smoke at house on woman toward hypertension, but other studies have demonstrated that passive smoking is a risk factor for hypertension. Keywords: secondhand smoke, hypertension, passive smoker, house, women

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