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Ketubah, New York City, 1864.

New York City,
Publication Date
  • גרשון
  • ר' בן ר' נחמן הלוי
  • Gershon [George]
  • Son Of Naḥman Ha-Levi (Levy)
  • לאה
  • גיורתא בת אברהם אבינו
  • Leah
  • The Convert "Daughter Of Abraham Avinu"
  • Merv (?) Ezekiel
  • Brooks
  • Mark
  • Phillips
  • Elazar
  • Son Of Uri
  • Design


The ketubah text is framed by ornamental designs symmetrically arranged one above the other, and topped by a horizontal bar with an inscription. A pair of hands clasped together surmount the text.

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