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James Bay Cree students and higher education : issues of identity and culture shock

McGill University
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  • Cree Indians -- Education
  • Higher -- Québec (Province)
  • Cree Indians -- Ethnic Identity
  • Culture Shock


Because this dissertation uses participant-observation and interview methodologies for research, and because the subjects of the observation and the interviews are Cree students, then it is necessary for this dissertation to first survey the topics of Pan-Indian Identity and Culture Shock and put them into context. In fact, a large part of the participant-observation narrative is that of the author integrating into a Cree community as an educator. This narrative essentially documents the author's own stages of culture shock, a mirror to that which the Native student faces "down south" at college. These are examples of the real anxieties and challenges faced when immersed in a new and different culture.

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