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Haunted dwellings, haunted beings : the image of house and home in Allende, MacDonald, and Morrison

McGill University
Publication Date
  • Allende
  • Isabel. Casa De Los Esp√≠ritus
  • Macdonald
  • Ann-Marie
  • 1958- . Fall On Your Knees
  • Morrison
  • Toni. Beloved
  • Dwellings In Literature


This study examines the image of house and home as the reification of our domains as living, dwelling, housed beings in three novels: Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits; Anne-Marie MacDonald's Fall On Your Knees; and Toni Morrison's Beloved. Being human, we form through perception, build through forming, dwell in building, and perceive through dwelling. Through close reading and analysis, this thesis examines questions of: If we are how we dwell, then what happens when the structures and the spaces of our dwellings become haunted? What happens when "home" becomes a facade that suspends necessary elements of dwelling? This study projects that if we are how we dwell, the very nature of our being entails a constant questioning of what it is we allow a presence to in our how we form, build, dwell, and perceive within both tangible and intangible realms and the influential perspicacity literature bears within this process.

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