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Community spotlight on Norway and Denmark. European Community No. 161, December 1972

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CONTENTS 3 Community News 8 Summing Up the Summit Richard Norton-Taylor The heads of state or government of the current and future EC members, meeting at the Paris Summit, set deadlines for such major future undertakings as economic and monetary union and creation of a Regional Development Fund. 10 A Foreign Policy for the "Nine"? Robert McGeehan The future and current EC members' decision to increase the frequency of their discussions on foreign relations is the most recent in a series of attempts to harmonize foreign policies. 12 A Global Policy for the Mediterranean Gian Paolo Papa The Community is now considering creating an industrial free trade zone with its Mediterranean neighbors and expanding current agreements with those nations to include technical and financial aid. Index to European Community Nos. 152-161 COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT ON NORWAY AND DENMARK 13 Why Norway Bolted Frederic Bolin Norwegian economic and political leaders together with Community officials must shoulder the blame for the defeat of the recent Norwegian referendum on that country's entry into the Common Market. 14 "Europe" and Denmark Join Destinies Denmark's contributions to a united Europe will include an efficient agricultural sector and a competitive fishing industry. 16 A Danish Profile 17 The French Left-Wing Alliance and the Common Market David Lawday If a Communist-Socialist Government wins in the upcoming French election, the left-wing alliance's demand for a reorientation of the common agricultural policy and a commitment to break the grip of big business could slow Community gears in Brussels. 18 Ten Commandments for the "Nine" John Pinder The enlarged Community must follow a few easy rules if it expects a united Europe to survive and prosper. 20 "Our Man in Brussels" David Fouquet Many US states have opened trade offices in Brussels to seek export opportunities for home state manufacturers. 22 Where Parliaments Differ Members of the Europea

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