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Challenges for Mobile Learning:designing for Learner-Generated Authenticity

International Association for Development, IADIS
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Proceedings Template - WORD earningobileChallenges for M L - uthenticityeneratedDesigning for Learner G A There are different ways of looking at the connection BACKGROUND process in terms of motivation and engagement. the learningstrengthencanthatand ensures the relevance r generated authentic content provides ownershiplearnefor learning design that providesFurthermore it is argued that a and provides relevance for the learning of the language. in a context that is authenticcenteredsupported by being language learning isis that the process ofdiscuss, present andwe will, whichof the projectThe hypothesis of practice. in what they term communitiesof knowledgeconstruction learning environment and social setting is crucial to the context, and that thesocial process situated in a specific st that learning is a1991) suggeLave and Wenger nd appear useful." (Hullrelationships that make sense a through searching forand that it does solocated that is, in the environment where the person iscontext teaching assumes that the mind naturally seeks meaning in approach to learning andtheir frame of reference [....] This knowledge in such a way that it makes sense to them in only when students (learners) process new information or learning theory, learning occurs"According to contextual textual learning thatce of conthe importanargues for David Hullauthenticity in the learning situation.generated usersupport forigns that provideallows for learning des ployed. But using mobile mediamaterials that are h the learningdefined by the teacher througsually language learningy in seconduthenticitcommunication. A waybased on rote learning designs or onearning issue, which may not always be supported by language The production of meaning in language learning is a key potentials of the media. arningand learners in order to take full advantage of the le the teachersll as the competencies needed by2009), as we contexts, the affordances of the mobile media (Gjedde a number of questions concerning the

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