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James A. Michener and Kenneth Vanderford conversing with friends in a forest

University of Northern Colorado
  • Authors
  • Picnics
  • Michener
  • James A. (James Albert)
  • 1907-1997
  • Vanderford
  • Kenneth H.
  • Forests (Plant Communities)
  • Trees


James A. Michener sits with his back against a tree and his arms crossed, participating in a picnic in a forest near Roncesvalles. Michener's head is turned to his left, where is Kenneth "Van" Vanderford stands. Vanderford is shown in profile, with his left hand resting at his side while holding his right hand in front of his body. In the foreground two unidentified men are sitting on the ground, with their back to the camera and facing Michener.

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