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Link 2 turns about fixed axis A which is the centre of inversion transformation. Link 2 is connected by sliding pairs to slider 3 and to cross-shaped slider 5 which has guides perpendicular to each other. Bent link 1 turns about axis A and is connected by turning pair B to link 4 which moves in slider 5. Arm Ba of link 1 is connected by a sliding pair to slider 6 which, in turn, is connected by turning pair P to slider 3. For any configuration of the mechanism, points A, Q and P lie on straight line Ab. When point P or Q travels along any arbitrary curve, the other point describes a curve which is the inversion of the first curve. Hence, the mechanism accomplishes inversion transformations of the form A͞PxA͞Q=A͞B²=const. $1369$LG,GI$

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