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Pollen morphology and systematics of tribe Juanulloeae A.T. Hunziker (Solanaceae)

Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
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DOI: 10.1016/0034-6667(94)90054-x


Abstract Pollen grains of 44 taxa from the nine genera of tribe Juanulloeae (Solanaceae), Juanulloa, Markea, Schultesianthus, Trianaea, Dyssochroma, Hawkesiophyton, Rahowardiana, Ectozoma and Merinthopodium, two members of the related genus Solandra and several selected outgroups were examined with light and scanning electron microscopy. Twelve pollen types are described and a key for their identification is provided. A cladistic analysis was carried out using both macromorphological and palynological characters. Cladograms were constructed and the palynological characters analysed with reference to both the overall cladogram and to a cladogram constructed using only pollen characters. The taxonomic implications of these analyses are briefly discussed but form taxonomic changes are not proposed here. The analyses suggest that the genus Solandra belongs in the monophyletic group treated here and that several generic realignments need to be undertaken, with an overall reduction in the number of genera in the tribe.

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