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Resolution LEG.2(82) adopted on 18 October 2000 : (translation)

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
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RESOLUTION LEG.2(82) ADOPTED ON 18 OCTOBER 20001 Adoption of amendments of the limits of compensntiort in the Protocol of 1992 to amend the lriernstionnl Conaentiott ort the Estnblishment of an Internntional Fwtd t'or Compensntion t'ar Oil Pollutiort Damage, 1971 The Legal Committee at its eighty-second session: RECALLING Article 33 (b) of the Convention on the Internationai Maritime Organization (hereinafter referred to as the "iMO Convention") concerning the functions of the Committee, MINDFUL of Article 36 of the IMO Convention concerning rules governing the procedures to be followed when exercising the functtons conferred on it by or under any international convention or instruntent, RECALLING FURTHER article 33 of the Protocol o17992 to amend the In- ternational Convention on the Establishment of an International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage, 1971 (hereinafter referred to as the "1,992Fund Protocol") concerning the procedures for amending the limits of the amounts of compensation set out in article 6(3) of the 1992 Fund Protocol, FIAVING CONSIDERED arnendments to the limits of the amounts of com- pensation proposed and circulated in accordance with the provisions of article 33(1) and (2) of the 1992Fund Protocol, 1. ADOPTS in accordance with article 33(a) of llne 1992 Fund Protocol, amendmenis to the limits of the amounts of compensation set out in artic- le 6(3) of the 1992 Fund Protocol, as set out in the Annex to this resolution; 2. DETEI{MINES, in accordance witl-L article 33(7) of the 7992 Fund Protocol, that these amendments shall be deemed to have been accepted on 1 May 2002 unless, prior to that date, not less than one quarter of the States that were Contracting States on the daie of ihe adoption of these amendments (being 1B October 2000) have communicated to the Organization that they do not accept these amendments; 3. FURTHER DETERMINES that, in accordance with article 33(B) of t]ne 1992 Fund Protocol, these amendments, deemed to have been accepte

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