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Decision tree approaches to voltage security assessment

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: THE INDONESIAN PERSPECTIVES COVER SHEET This is the author-version of article published as: Pamulu, Muhammad Sapri and Bhuta, Chandra (2004) Strategic management of information technology in construction industry: the Indonesian perspectives. In Ogunlana, Stephen and Charoenngam, Chotchai and Pannapa Herabat, Pannapa and Hadikusumo, B. H. W., Eds. Proceedings International Symposium on Globalisation and Construction - CIB W107 (Construction in Developing Economies) and CIB TG23 (Culture in Construction) Joint Symposium, pages pp. 521- 530, Bangkok, Thailand. Accessed from STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: THE INDONESIAN PERSPECTIVES MUHAMMAD SAPRI PAMULU School of Civil Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Makassar 90245, Indonesia [email protected] CHANDRA BHUTA School of Architecture, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria 3011, Australia [email protected] ABSTRACT This paper presents findings of a research project which explores the current use of information technology (IT) in the Indonesian construction Industry. The findings are based on a survey taken between December 2002 and April 2003 among 250 construction companies registered in the National Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). The CIDB listed and classified these companies as B group or large company. A total of 48 valid replies were received, representing a response rate of 38%. The survey includes: IT environment and management, use of software, hardware, internet application and staff competency, Investment in IT, benefits gained and problems associated with IT implementation. An assessment of the exploitation of IT for business strategic purposes was also explored. Survey reveals that (1) Level of IT applications among contractors in the

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