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An Introductory Word from the Editor

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7 AN INTRODUCTORY WORD FROM THE EDITOR Stanko Jambrek The word kairos (Greek for “a moment” or “suitable time”) in the New Testament carries a historical-eschatological meaning and expresses the submission of time to God’s will. Kairos is the time of salvation, the last offer of God’s grace and a re- minder to all people everywhere. This Evangelical theological journal was named Kairos partially due to its New Testament symbolism and (to a greater degree) the conviction of the editor, coworkers and publishers that today’s generation of Evangelical Christians need to express their submission to God’s will and rightly use God’s gift of time. During the 20th century the evangelical movement grew stronger among churches of the Reformation tradition in Croatia: focused on proclaiming the gospel, the good news that Christ died for the sins of humankind, was buried, and then rose on the third day according to the Scriptures, thus making a way for the redemption of sinful humankind. The Evangelical movement stresses the authority of the Bible, God’s sovereignty, the experience of conversion to God, the need for living a holy life, following Christ (discipleship), the evidence of a newly experienced or a renewed personal faith which is actively proven in evangelism and serving the needy. The understanding of the reality of church among Evan- gelical Christians is primarily of a spiritual nature. Every denomination develo- ped its structural systems with dependence on historical data, that is, social and cultural realities from which the church sprang or was reformed. The structure of the church and her system are in function in proclaiming the gospel, and in part in glorifying God in certain social situations. God’s Word and the Spirit of God remain unchanged in the church and are realized in the lives of believers. People and church structures can and should change, so that they may be, in every mo- ment, open to the work of the Spirit of God to the glory of God the Father. I

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