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Destination brand positioning slogans – towards the development of a set of accountability criteria

Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb
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  • 150600 Tourism
  • Destination Branding
  • Positioning
  • Slogans
  • Destination Marketing Organisations
  • Communication
  • Political Science


A significant gap in the tourism and travel literature exists in the area of tourism destination branding. While interest in applications of brand theory to practise in tourism is increasing, there is a paucity of published research in the literature to guide destination marketing organisations (DMOs). In particular there have been few reported analyses of destination brand positioning slogans, which represent the interface between brand identity and brand image. Brand positioning is an inherently complex process, exacerbated for DMOs by the politics of decision making. DMOs must somehow capture the essence of a multi-attributed destination community in a succinct and focused positioning slogan, in a way that is both meaningful to the target audience and effectively differentiates the destination from the myriad of competitors offering the same features. Based on a review of the brand positioning literature and an examination of destination slogans used in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, the paper proposes a set of slogan criteria by which a DMO’s marketing manager, political appointees and advertising agency could be held accountable to stakeholders.

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