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Organizational Conflicts Are Necessary Evils:An Innate View of Indian Perspective

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
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  • Religious Science


The core objective of this article is to be acquainted with the conflict in both optimistic and pessimistic sides of the Indian context. After meticulous review of pertinent literature, the researchers ponder over to garner the opinions of modicum number of both Indian employees and managerial cadre in an informal chat and identified majority of the Indians are reluctant to involve in conflicts both in their personal and professional life. But in reality majority of the Indians are directly or indirectly culpable for creating conflicts, shows both positive and negative impact on their organizations. The general view of the managerial cadre is also quite contradictory to the outlook of the employees. But, unfortunately conflicts shows a pernicious impact on modern work culture because of differences like religion, region, and gender, personality clashes, along with professional ego and skill differences. Keywords: Conflicts; individual and group conflicts; organizational conflicts; Interactionsit perspective

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