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Structural Studies of Some Binaphthyl Derivatives

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  • Crystal Structures Of Several 1
  • 1'-Binaphthyl Derivatives Have Been Determined
  • In Particular Compounds Which At The 2
  • 2' Positions Have Either Identical Ethoxy Groups Or A Closed Bridged Ether And Furthermore Have Iden
  • 6' Positions
  • The Latter Groups May Be Br
  • Cho
  • Cn Or H
  • As Would Be Expected
  • The Torsional Angle Of The Central 1-1' Bond Varies Considerably In The Open Forms Whereas The Torsi
  • Unfortunately
  • Good Quality Crystals For Structural Studies Are Difficult To Grow And
  • Therefore
  • Rather High Residuals Are Generally Obtained
  • Some Of The Compounds Have Been Tested For Nonlinear Optical Activity (Powder Second Harmonic Genera
  • Shg)


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