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Paper [on teaching about European integration] presented by M. Francois Fontaine, Chief, European Community Information Service, Paris Bureau, at the Midwest Conference on West European and Atlantic Studies. Racine, WI, 14-15 January 1966

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Paper presented by M. Fran~ois Fontaine, Chief European Community Information Service Paris Bureau at the Midwest Conference on Qest European and Atlantic Studies .January 14-15, 1966 Wingspread, Racine, Wisconsin ... 1 INTRODUCTION The interest of the European teaching profession in problems of European inte- gration is a measure of the progress of that undertaking. and also makes it possible to judge its ehances of success. The European teaching profession, in fact. plays the ~le of a barometer~ reflecting climatic changes in the European Community. Attitudes, interests, and pressures within that profession are gauged by corresponding successes or crises within the Community. It is not this measurement - whieh is fairly nor- mal - that I find significant. It 1s rather the trend it reveals, and the psychological repercussions it bas upon that same trend. There is no exact equivalent in French for your expression 'feed-back'. It is the way in which, in ltarope • teaching and research f.n the area of European integration react upoa that field! t:his is what we find most important and most encouraging. 'Dm8, the intellectual climate, of which the teaching profession is a gauge, goes one stage further and becomes a driving force. Why is t:his? The first explanation which comes to mind is that the very participation of noted specialists in the legal, economic, and political science aspects of European integration itself advances the intellectual process of in- Ugrati.OR. It :ts .~. :tae that the enormous. c;~total of research and discussion oa. the Europeaa Coalllunit:y makes it one of the world's best thought-out under- takings since Marxism .- sud to ,some extent an up-to-date reply to the old 2. Marxist challenge. A second explanation of this force is that increasing availability of education to hundreds of thousands of young people inevitably raises the level and scope of information regarding the buil

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