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P-1. Kinetic Analysis of Eye Movements during Picture Viewing

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  • Eye Movements
  • Cognition
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medicine


Kinetic Analysis of Eye Movements during Picture Viewing ?????? Kinetic Analysis of Eye Movements during Picture Viewing Hiroyasu Iwatsuki 1) 1) Aomori University of Health and Welfare ???? ??????????? ?????? ???? ??? ??? I. Introduction Today, middle-aged persons and seniors in Japan interested in sharpening up their brains and maintaining an attentive edge might consider taking this inexpensive prescription: reading aloud novels, listening to Mozart' s symphonies, writing in Chinese characters, etc. Photo Hunt is a game that will challenge their powers of observation. There is the relationship between saccade actions and visual cognition during viewing the pictures. Saccade- contingent change detection provides a powerful tool for investigating scene representation and scene memory. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between eye movements and cognition of the differences between two pictures through the photo hunt game. II. Method Six physical therapy students participated in the experiments (mean age was 21 years) , we asked them to view two pictures a scene (photo hunt game) on a screen at once, after which they were directed to mark the differences in two pictures on a sheet (Fig.1). Each picture was present for 60s. We used to measure a An experimental sceneFig.1 ???? participant' s view line the eye mark recorder EMR-8 manufactured by NAC Image Technology Inc. The set of photo hunt games were selected as shown in Fig.2, Fig.4 Percentages of angle velocity of eye movements in visual search Fig.2 Five pictures using photo hunt games movements in visual search. The chi-squared statistics was done, the total chi square value for Fig.4 was 17.2 (df=7, p=0.03). Based on this result, the distribution of angle velocity of eye movements differ in their attention paid. The results suggest that the presence of the saccade target plays

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