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Use of the acute care hospital foodservice patient satisfaction questionnaire to monitor trends in patient satisfaction with foodservice at an acute care private hospital

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  • 150401 Food And Hospitality Services
  • 111709 Health Care Administration
  • Food Quality
  • Foodservice Dimensions
  • Meal Service Quality
  • Physical Environment
  • Quality Improvement
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Aim:  To demonstrate how the Acute Care Hospital Foodservice Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire can be used to monitor trends in foodservice satisfaction.--- Methods: Three one-day surveys of foodservice satisfaction were conducted in 2003-05. All adult hospital inpatients with the exception of intensive care, cardiac post-operative care, labour ward and day surgery patients were eligible. The response rate was 48% (2003), 42% (2004) and 60% (2005). This took place in an acute care 440-bed private hospital. Overall foodservice satisfaction, dimensions of foodservice satisfaction (food quality, meal service quality, staff/service issues and the physical environment) and two independent statements (temperature of the hot foods, ability to choose different sized meals); satisfaction by gender, length of stay, age, diet type and appetite for 2005. Scores were calculated for overall satisfaction, four dimensions of satisfaction and two independent statements. Chi-squared analysis was used to determine the effect of gender, age, diet type and appetite on overall satisfaction. Correlation analysis was used to assess the association between overall foodservice satisfaction and length of stay.--- Results: Ratings of overall foodservice satisfaction, four dimensions of foodservice and two independent foodservice items were high, consistent with previous findings. Of the foodservice dimensions, the staff/service issues were the most positively rated and food quality the least positively rated. Patients' expectations of the foodservice were significantly associated with overall satisfaction. Quality improvement activities focused on the lowest scoring components of the questionnaire.--- Conclusion:  The Acute Care Hospital Foodservice Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire can be used to determine trends in foodservice satisfaction and identify areas to target for quality improvement initiatives. Keywords: food quality; foodservice dimensions; meal service quality; physical environment; quality improvement; staff and service issues Document Type: Research article

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