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Analysis Of Curved Laminated Beams Of Bimodulus Composite-Materials

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  • Aerospace Engineering (Formerly
  • Aeronautical Engineering)
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Composite materials exhibiting different moduli in tension and in compression, commonly called as bimodular composites are being used in many engineering fields. A finite element analysis is carried out for small deflection static behavior of laminated curved beams of bi modulus materials for both solid and hollow circular cross-sections using an iterative procedure. The finite element has 16 d.o.f. and uses the displacement field in terms of first order Hermite in terpolation polynomials. The neutral surface, i.e. the locus of points having zero axial strain is found to vary drastically depending on the loading, lay up schemes and radius of curvature. As il lustrations, plots of the cross-sections of the ruled neutral-surface are presented for some of the investigated cases. Using this element a few problems of curved laminated beams of bimodulus materials are solved for both solid and hollow circular cross-sections.

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