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Performance analysis of the load building algorithm in the change and test system

Performance Evaluation
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DOI: 10.1016/0166-5316(91)90045-5
  • Compiler
  • Change And Test System
  • Version Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Load Building
  • Performance Analysis
  • Computer Science
  • Design


Abstract Performance analysis and improvement are important and necessary components of designing and maintaining software development environments. Their performance analysis ensures a software development design that provides minimal time and resources to support the most frequently executed developer actions. This article analyzes performance of the Change and Test System (CTS) Version Configuration Manager (VCM) and the Make load building algorithms. The average time of compilation of an application is calculated by using the Make algorithm. This time depends on the number of changed files, their compilation time, and the number of files affected by the change that have to be recompiled. The VCM load building algorithm is implemented in CTS. CTS uses versioned editing, methods minimizing the amount of code that has to be recompiled, incremental load building and runtime update of an application. The load building algorithm chooses the Minimal Compilable Units (MCUs) in an application that have to be compiled and places them on the compile list. The MCUs that are not affected by changes are not recompiled. This reduces the turnaround time for compilation and load building in CTS. The average time of compilation of an application is calculated by using the load building algorithm. This time depends on the number of MCUs in an application, the number of changed MCUs, and the interdependencies between MCUs. It is proven analytically how the system performance can be improved by using the CTS load building algorithm. A relative performance analysis of the Make and load building algorithms shows that the CTS load building algorithm allows for better performance if some MCUs in the application do not have to be recompiled, and the average time of analysis by the load building algorithm is smaller than the average time of compilation of MCUs that are unnecessarily recompiled by using the Make algorithm.

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