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Dependence of inconel surface composition on the influx of hydrogen atoms

Journal of Nuclear Materials
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-3115(78)90214-3


Abstract Using AES, the surface composition of Inconel 600 samples has been investigated after exposure to atomic hydrogen generated by thermal dissociation. The sample temperatures during exposure were 380 and 470 K. Apart from the basic alloy constituents Ni, Cr, Fe the main impurities which have been detected are O and C and — due to segregation — S and P. At both temperatures the exposure to atomic hydrogen reduced the surface concentration of C to one-tenth of the initial concentration. The corresponding doses were 2 × 10 20 atoms/cm 2 at 380 K and 10 17 atoms/cm 2 at 470 K. At 380 K the O concentration was reduced to about one-fourth of the initial concentration at a dose of 3 × 10 21 atoms/cm 2.

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