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Effect of aluminum priming paint on the durability of house paints on wood

Madison, Wis. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
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SD'33 I) s~ rn° FOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY In cooperation with the University of Wisconsi n MADISON, WISCONSIN U. S. Depart nest of Agriculture, Forest Servic e EFFECT OF ALUMINUM PRIMING PAINT ON THE DURABILITY OF HOUSE PAINTS ON WOO D By F. L. BROWN E Senior Chemis t FOR PUBLICATIO N October, 193 3 O L EFFECT OF ALUMINUM PRIMING PAINT O N THE DURABILITY OF HOUSE PAINTS ON WOO D By F. L . BROWNE, Senior Chemis t Forest Products Laboratory In painting exposed metal it has long been customary t o apply special priming (first-coat) paints, that is, paints in whic h the pignertsdiffer from those used in the paint applied in subsequen t coats . In painting exterior woodwork, on the other hand, the usw 1 . practice is to apply priming and succeeding coats of paint havir . ; the same composition with respect to pigments, though differing in th e amount of liquids and in the proportions of non-volatile and volatil e liquids. Special priming paints for wood have been proposed from tim e to time by technologists and others . Until recently none of them _ia s achieved extensive use with the possible exception of the once popula r yellow ochre primer, the advantage of which was initial cheapnes s rather than excellence . At present there is a renewed interest i n special priming paints for wood, and several kinds of them are no w on the market . Of the new special primers aluminum paint probabl y is the most widely used and the best (9, 10, 11) . As a special primer aluminum paint affords improved protec- tion of the wood against changes in moisture content and improved dura- bility of succeeding coats of conventional house paints . The writer has IForest Service, U . S . Department of Agriculture, maintained at Madison , Wis ., in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin . R1015 S s • recently reported tests of aluminum priming paint from the point o f view of protection against moisture movement (7) . The present paper deals solely with the effect of aluminu

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