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Chirostylid and galatheid crustacean associates of coelenterates and echinoderms collected from the Johnson-Sea-Link submersible, including a new species of Gastroptychus

The Biological Society of Washington
Publication Date
  • Decapoda (Crustacea)--Classification
  • Chirostylidae
  • Galatheidae
  • Coelenterates


A new species of chirostylid decapod crustacean, Gastroptychus salvadori, is described from a specimen collected in association with a brisingid starfish by submersible off the Bahamas. A number of other chirostylids and galatheids, collected together with their echinoderm associates in the tropical and sub-tropical western Atlantic, are also reported. Some of these associations were previously unsuspected. The collections suggest that at least some of the decapods live together as mated pairs on their hosts.

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