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Laboratory Identification of Pathogenic Fungi Simplified

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YALE JOURN4AL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 28, November 1955 Finally a plea is made for a greater use of the social sciences in the planning of health programs especially where other cultures are involved. "It is not enough to provide services or facilities . .. and hope that they will be taken advantage of" nor to conform to the ideal but rather "the true test of a medical program is . . . whether it works and if so how well." P. B., JR. LABORATORY IDENTIFICATION OF PATHOGENIC FUNGI SIMPLIFIED. By Elizabeth L. Hazen and Frank Curtis Reed. Springfield, Ill., Charles C Thomas, 1955. 108 pp. $5.50. As stated by the authors, the objective of this monograph is to furnish "an aid to the teaching of the essentials in the identification of the pathogenic fungi to the beginner, and a bench companion for the bacteriologist engaged in mycologic diagnosis." This objective is admirably accomplished. The fungi discussed are limited to the pathogenic fungi encountered in North America, being, with few exceptions, members of the class of Fungi Imper- fecti. Their means of identification consists of a description of the genus, together with descriptions of the various species. These are correlated with growth characteristics, macroscopic and microscopic, on media selected for growing identifying forms. In addition, there are black and white photo- graphs of the colony formations and photomicrographs of culture forms. Such information is presented for each species discussed. The descriptive portion of the monograph names very briefly the type of disease caused by the species. The descriptions of the cultural and microscopic characteristics are concise and adequate. The appendix contains recipes for the various culture media. The photographs are technically good and the bibliography is extensive. JOHN C. HALEY POMP AND PESTILENCE: INFECTIOUS DISEASE, ITS ORIGINS AND CON- QUEST. By Ronald Hare. New York, The Philosophical Library, Inc., 1955. 224 pp. $5.754 Parasites-using the word in its broadest and mo

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