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Design investigation of three phase HEFSM with outer-rotor configuration

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  • Tk1001-1841 Production Of Electric Energy Or Power. Powerplants. Central Stations
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Flux switching machines (FSMs) with the advantages of single piece of rotor and robust rotor structure become a popular research topic in recent years that suitable for various speed conditions. This machine combined the advantages of Switched Reluctance Machines (SRMs) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSMs). Previously, most of developed FSMs are mainly focused on inner-rotor configuration, and hard to find research on outer-rotor FSM configuration. Therefore, this paper presents design investigation of three phase Hybrid Excitation Flux Switching Machine (HEFSM) with outer-rotor configuration. Primarily, design processes of the outer-rotor HEFSM especially for drawing parts, materials and conditions used, and properties setting are described in detail. Next, coil arrangement tests are also evaluated to confirm the principle operation of the machine and the phase sequence of each armature coil. Finally, DC field excitation flux capabilities at various current density condition, flux path and flux distribution, back-emf voltage and initial torque are also investigated.

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