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Du bon usage de la menace. Chronique des représentations de la nature en Camargue

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  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Geography


On the wise use of threats. A report on conceptions of nature in Camargue Camargue, France, was seen by 19th-century investors as a domestic colony ; by local poets, as a land of traditions and freedoms ; by politicians in the 1970s, as a « green swath » ; and by conservationists, as a wild territory. Local residents internalized and fostered this sense of forming an economic, cultural and natural exception ; and thus willingly conveyed the image of a threatened species. To defend nature, scientists have taken up a position in opposition to economic actors, who consider their management to be the very condition for conserving the natural environment. Negotiations about agri-environmentalist measures in Camargue have taken place within this conflict about how to define threats.

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