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Non-additive Ring and Module Theory

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Non-additive Ring and Module Theory. II. C-categories, C-functors and C-morphisms. PUBUCATIONES MATHEM ATICAE 2 4 . K Ö T E T D E B R E C E N 1977 A L A P I T O T T Ä K : RE-NYI ALFRED, SZELE TIBOR Es VARGA O T T O D A R Ö C Z Y Z O L T Ä N , GYIRES BEXA, R A P C S Ä K A N D R Ä S , TAMÄSSY LAJOS K Ö Z R E M Ü K Ö D E S ^ V E L S Z E R K E S Z T I : BARNA BELA A DEBRECENI TUDOMÄNYEGYETEM MATEMATIKAI INTEZETE INDEX Baünoe JJ. JJ.—Capa(fioea r . Xp., 06 OAHOM BapnanTe MeTO a^ ycpeflHeHHH RJW HejiHHeii- HWX CHCTCM HHTerpo flH^epemrHajibHferx ypaBHeHHÄ CTaH/japTHoro BH^a 205 Behrens, E . - A . , Topologically arithmetical rings of continuous functions 107 B o w m a n , H . — M o o r e , J. D . , A method for obtaining proper classes of short exact sequences of Abelian groups 59 C o h n , P . M . , Füll modules over semifirs 305 Daröczy, Z.—Lajkö, K.—Szekelyhidi, L . , Functional equations on ordered fields 173 Dhombres, J. G., Iteration lineaire d'ordre deux 277 D i k s h i t , H . P . . Absolute total-effective Nörlund method 215 E n e r s e n , P . — L e a v i t t , W. G., A note on semisimple classes 311 F r i t z s c h e , R . , Verallgemeinerung eines Satzes von Kulikov, Szele und Kertesz 323 GUmer, R . , Modules that are finite sums of simple submodules 5 Glevitzky, B . , On polynomial regression of polynomial and linear statistics 151 Graef, J. R.—Spikes, P . W., Asymptotic properties of Solutions of a second order nonlinear dif- ferential equation 39 Gregor, J., Tridiagonal matrices and functions analytic in two half-planes 11 G u p t a , V. C.—Upadhyay, M . D . t Integrability conditions of a structure f A statisfying p - p f = 0 249 Gyires, B . , On the asymptotic behavoiour of the generalized multinomial distributions 162 Györy, K . , Representation des nombres entiers par des formes binaires 363 J a k d l , L . , Über äquivalente parameterinvariante Variations-probleme erster Ordnung 139 Jensen, C. U., Some remarks on va

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