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Semantic Integration of Cultural Heritage Multimedia Collections

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Semantic Integration of Cultural Heritage Multimedia Collections Patrick Sinclair, Paul Lewis, Kirk Martinez Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom pass,phl,[email protected] Matthew Addis, Martin Chapman, Richard Lowe IT Innovation Centre, Southampton, SO16 7NP, United Kingdom mja,mc,[email protected] Cultural heritage institutions and photographic libraries are rich in multimedia content resources, offering many challenges: This information tends to be !locked away" in internal legacy systems, each with its own metadata format that has been designed to deal with a specific collection or set of objects. The eCHASE project seeks to improve access to this distributed content using semantic web technologies. The content from the different collections can then be accessed through a single web-based interface. We are investigating thematic views and localised content products to make content easier to find and use. We convert the metadata for each collection into RDF, using a variety of tools and techniques depending on the format and structure of the source data. D2R Server XSLT We map each metadata schema to the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. We map keywording and thesaurus schemes to the Simple Knowledge Organisation System ontology (SKOS). ex:Vase_with_twelve_sunflowers crmcore:Thing 'Vase with twelve sunflowers, 1888' ex:Vincent_van_Gogh crmcore:Actor 'Vincent Van Gogh' rdf:type rdf:type crmcore:identification crmcore:identification crmcore:classification aat:paintings crmcore:classification aat:artists ex:Van_Gogh_Painting_Sunflowers_in_1888 crmcore:Event rdf:type tgn:France crmcore:place '1888' crmcore:date crmcore:participant crmcore:was_present_at Art work in gallery Photographing the object We compose workflows in the Taverna system to p r o c e s s d a t a , f o r example t

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