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Green Certificates – An Incentive For Investors

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In a global economy, the energetic strategy of a country is realized taken into acount every change or evolution in the world. Counties, as China or India, or countries with economies in transition put a higher pressure on the supplied quantity of energy, due to their economic growth and/or economic structure change. In fact, between 1994-2004, these countries doubled their request for oil, and in 2006, their request was over 20 mil. Barils per day, which is about 40% of the global oil production. The forecast shows that in 2030, it is quite possible that they will double again their oil needs, which will be over the actual, know oil reserves of the Planet. In this situation it is a must to reorient the energy policy of all countries, in such a way that they will take into consideration the renewable energy sources and improve their energy efficiency. Romania has made its first step by entering in the green certificates programme in 2005 and has as objective to reach at a level of green energy production of 38% of gross internal consumption.

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