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Historie a současnost lokality Medard na Sokolovsku

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Stabilní Katastr
  • Těžba
  • Změna Funkčního Využití Krajiny
  • Stable Cadastre
  • Mining
  • Landuse Change
  • Ecology


The main objective of this research is to evaluate the current situation of the landscape surrounding the Medard lake area and the changes that have taken place in the general area since the mine was opened. The scoped area covers 15 different cadastres located in the close vicinity of the Medard-Libík residual pit situated in the Sokolov area, where the future Medard lake is being flooded at this time. As a base for the historical comparison of the area were used stable cadastre data from 1842-43 and recent cadastre data from 2010. To evaluate the landscape changes, methods of the landscape ecological characteristics, based on the ecological stability coefficient computations for each cadastral area, have been used. Comparing historical and recent values of the particular cadastral area and its ecological stability coefficient, the trend in scoped area development was being descibed within the justification. The results and trends of individual cadastral areas development related to the landscape ecological stability, could be used not only as a source for proposing of reclamations, but also as a source for the futher historical analyses of the area.

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