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<i>Ridewoodichthys</i>, a new genus for <i>Brychaetus caheni</i> from the marine Paleocene of Cabinda (Africa): re-description and comments on its relationships within the Osteoglossidae (Teleostei, Osteoglossomorpha)

Publication Date
  • Brychaetus Caheni
  • Osteoglossidae [Arowanas]
  • Ridewoodichthys
  • Teleostei


The marine osteoglossid “Brychaetus” caheni from the Lower Paleocene of Cabinda (Africa) is re-studied. It does not belong to the genus Brychaetus because of differences in teeth and premaxilla shape. It is assigned to the new genus Ridewoodichthys on the basis of its caudal skeleton, which differs from that of all other known fossil and Recent Osteoglossidae.

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