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An anisotropic constitutive relation for the stress tensor of a rod-like (fibrous-type) granular material

Mathematical Problems in Engineering
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We will derive a constitutive relationship for the stress tensor of an anisotropic rod-like assembly of granular particles where not only the transverse isotropy (denoted by a unit vector n, also called the fiber direction) is included, but also the dependence of the stress tensor T on the density gradient, a measure of particle distribution, is studied. The granular media is assumed to behave as a continuum, and the effects of the interstitial fluid are ignored. No thermodynamical considerations are included, and using representation theorems, it is shown that in certain limiting cases, constitutive relations similar to those of the Leslie-Ericksen liquid crystal type can be obtained. It is also shown that in this granular model, one can observe the normal stress effects as well as the yield condition, if proper structures are imposed on the material coefficients.

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