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Memorandum from Howard B. Kelly to United States. Bureau of Health Planning and Resources Development

Publication Date
  • After November 1974
  • Health Resources Planning/Og
  • Meeting Report
  • Health Planning Guidelines
  • Organizational Policy
  • Design


1.0 EM-ORANDUM ~~•DEPARThlENTOF }lEAL’l”F1,1:UULA I IUIW, m,.” ,,~~, r...uPUBLIC 1lEALTI[ SE17VICU IIEALTIIK[:Sol~K(:f:SADifiNISTKATION BUKEAU()[;III:AL’I’1II’LANNIN(;ANI) o R[iSOURCESDEV[; LO1’kfENT : Health Planning and ResourcesDevelopment DATE: April 29, 1975 InterimPlanning Staff Em: Summaryof April 28 Staff Meeting Dr. Rorrie reviewed the progress of the IntradepartmentalSteering Committeein developingstrategiesconcerningNational Guidelinesfor Health Planning, the National Council on Health Planning and Develop- ment, and rate regulationdemonstrations. Mr. Croft reported that Mr. Ed Steffeehas replaced Dr. ~iteside as’ AssociateAdministratorfor Operationsand Management,HRA. Mr. Steffee comes to HRA from the Food and Drug Administration. The.apptiov.edBureau organizationdescriptionhas been sent to the Federal @ister. Letters are being sent to the concerned Congressionalcommit- —— tees. 0 The House AppropriationsSubcommitteeheld a hearing last Wednesday onour R 1976 budget request. However, attendancewas poor due to unrelated floor debate and other actions taking place at the time of the hearing. As of our meeting, the Senatehad not yet completeda mark-up on our FY 1975 supplementalbudget request. Mr. Peterson identifiedthe individualswho have agreed to serve as members of the ad hoc review panel for area designation. These are: Mr. Groschelle,Dr. Johnson,Dr. Ellis, Dr. Weinstein,Dr. Dean, Dr. Altman, Dr. Cain, and Mr. Zwick. One additionalcentral office space on the panel remains to be filled. Mr. Croft explainedthat formal details and mass change actions for many . of our existingstaff will start as early as May 1. Changes in office initiatedshortly thereafter. . Mr. Henson explainedthat the EEO Conferenceto be held Play7-9 at the Dunes Marriottwill be a residentialconference. Invitationswill be sent to selectedstaff later this week. Chuck also reminded us that the first quarterlyEEO reportswere due this month (ACTION). , .* HP&RD

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