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Effect of hydrostatic pressure on magnetization of Ni2+xMn1−xGa alloys

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
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DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2004.11.332
  • Magnetization–Pressure Dependent
  • Heusler Alloys
  • Pressure Effect


Abstract The effect of pressures up to 1.2 GPa on saturated magnetization M S of Ni 2+ x Mn 1− x Ga (0⩽ x⩽0.2) alloys has been studied at temperatures from 5 to 400 K. The pressure parameter, dln M S/d p at 5 K, varies from −0.3×10 −2 GPa −1 up to −1.3×10 −2 GPa −1. At temperature T M of martensitic transition (MT), dln M S/d p changes its sign. M S and the Curie temperature T C of the cubic phase of compounds increase with increasing pressure. These results are consistent with a theoretical picture of band structure of Ni 2MnGa assuming a broadening and a depletion of the dominant minority Ni e g band under pressure.

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