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Reforma do estado, transparência e democracia no Brasil

  • Law
  • Political Science


We look for to evidence in this article the narrow relation that exists between reform of the State, transparency and level of democratization. It is argued that transparency in governmental action, as a policy for strengthening governmental institutions and democracy, places the relationship between the State and the civil society on a more democratic basis. The most appropriate strategies for the implantation of a program to combat the corruption in Brazil are discussed. It is suggested that corruption is a grave structural problem of the Brazilian society and the Brazilian political system, requiring, for its solution, the adoption of more profound measures for reform of the State. Such reform would involve not only taking legislative measures but also measures for political and administrative management. It is concluded that the effort to combat corruption in Brazil must become a permanent policy of the State, having as its principle objective the adoption of new forms of action and new actors that can contribute to an increased level of government transparency.

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